Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekly Review - Thanksgiving

Raccoon is 37 months
I am 30 weeks pregnant and struggling with fatigue, so we took things easy with Tot School and only loosely followed our Thanksgiving/math theme.

This was our board for the week. We focused on Raising Rock Star Preschool Letter Ff. I only do an abbreviated version (the verse, the letter, the word cards, and the book) since Raccoon isn't interested in the other activities yet. Our "map" was the water cycle, our person was Thomas Edison, our rhyme was The Queen of Hearts, and below the letter F, I put a song about November.

I've written before about how much Raccoon likes me to make up stories for him. I saw this suggestion for story cubes, and knew it would be the perfect use for our accumulating RRSP word cards. I have a ziplock bag with all the cards in it, with the newest ones in the front. The stories come out a little crazy since I just incorporate whichever card is next, but Raccoon likes them and I show him the cards as I tell the story. After I tell him a specific letter story, "F" this week, then I shuffle the cards and tell him a longer story with various letters. It's a great game for our long car ride (1 hr+) to church every week.

For example, "Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Peter. He had a flag in his room, but one day he discovered that a flamingo had stolen it! He didn't have any shoes on his feet, so he asked his fish, "Have you seen my shoes?" "No," said the fish, "but I think the frog knows where they are." He asked the frog about his shoes, and the frog said, "They're behind the fan." So he put on his shoes and followed the trail of feathers the flamingo had left behind. When he discovered the flamingo holding his flag, he poked him with a fork and the flamingo cried. "Don't hurt me," the flamingo said. "I just took your flag because I'm so cold and need a blanket." "I'm sorry I poked you," said Peter. "Don't cry. I'll make you a fire to keep you warm." So the flamingo gave Peter back his flag and Peter built him a fire.

I wrote about not being a mathy mom (here and here are two moms who are), so I decided to try more number/logic activities this week. Sorry that the picture isn't very good. In each of the three small containers I put a different number of objects (one rock, two stones, four shells). I asked Raccoon to guess what was inside and how many things there were. Then we lined them up with the tube noodles on the hanger (one-to-one correspondence). I thought we could use the noodles on the hanger as a type of homemade abacus, but Raccoon wasn't really interested.

Puffy paint! I made up one batch and put it in some empty glue bottles that I'd saved.
As usual, Raccoon wasn't satisfied with the activity as is and made up his own "game." He added water and decided it was for painting cups. I'm glad I decided to have him paint on a cookie sheet!
When we first started doing crafts, I was a little surprised that Raccoon didn't enjoy cutting more. I saw that Carisa at Tot School has used these scissors with her son and daughter, so I got a pair for Raccoon. I was disappointed when I saw them at first, having expected something more than just the small spring in the middle, but to my amazement, they were just what he needed. He used to open and close scissors with both hands, but after just a few times with this new pair, he can now use any scissors in our house.
We had to introduce a new rule - scissors are only for paper. In his excitement, he wanted to try his scissor skills out on our couch, his clothing, headphone wires...
TP bowling! I got the idea from this post. Raccoon did it a few times, but wasn't as interested as I thought he would be.
He decided that he wanted to make "monsters" instead, and the TP rolls were the eyeballs. This one is on our kitchen floor, and he made several others in the living room.
Introducing Mousey, Raccoon's best friend since March. Being Thanksgiving week, we watched This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers. Afterwards I found some feathers I'd been given years ago and made Raccoon an Indian headdress. We were having a Goldilocks day, so he decided that Mousey should wear it instead.
Later he wanted to be Squanto and help the Pilgrims plant a garden, so he raided our vegetable basket and used our couch as his "dirt."

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