Monday, December 31, 2012

MTR - December 2012

This month's "moments to remember" are all about Christmas and family.

Unwrapping my mom's ceramic creche figures was always my favorite part of decorating for Christmas. My brother and I used to fight take turns rearranging the figures whenever we walked by. The was the first year that Raccoon could actually help me and he enjoyed the unwrapping too.

When we went to buy our tree, Raccoon fell in love with a mini tree. It was only $2, so we went ahead and bought it for him. He was so proud of himself, carrying it to our truck and then decorating it once we got home.

After we decorated Raccoon's small tree, he helped me unwrap the ornaments for our big tree.

We bought Raccoon one big gift last year for Christmas - a trampoline - instead of several smaller things. We had to put it away for a bit and just got it back out. He has LOVED jumping on it again.
(I posted this post-baby. There were many more pictures that I didn't have time to put in, but I wanted to at least do some.)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekly Review - Fine Motor

Raccoon is 37 months
This was a very light week for us in Tot School. We spent most of our time visiting family and decorating for Christmas (pictures to come in December's Moments to Remember post). I called this week's theme "Fine Motor" since Raccoon all of a sudden decided he wanted to draw and draw and draw. It's still more scribbling that recognizable things, but afterwards he tells me what they are. Usually it's some strange combination, like "Look, Mama, it's a map and a pickle." (Sorry the pictures are dark/blurry, I took them with my iPad).

I showed him how to draw with a ruler a few weeks ago, and he decided that he wanted to do it again.
One of our dogs, Keisha, surrounded by Raccoon's latest art on our front steps. He colored 8 sheets of paper very quickly, then arranged them carefully for a "museum exhibit."
In the evenings, Raccoon likes me to cut out different things for him to use in his imaginary play. Sometimes it's aliens, stick figures, treasure, etc. This day it was "moons." He set them all up in a moon store which we played with for awhile - buying, selling, and maybe even a little stealing. Then he put them away in an envelope which he kept carrying upside down, so he got quite a bit of fine motor exercise putting them all away repeatedly. :)
That's it for our short week. Coming next - Christmas activities!