Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Daddy Tot School

For the last month, my husband has been spending A LOT of time with Raccoon. He took some time off work to be home after Robin's arrival; he's my hero. To my surprise, Raccoon ended up asking him frequently to make things, cut, glue, etc. My little man missed our Tot School activities more than I thought he would. I didn't get pictures of most of their stuff since I was with Robin, but here are a few.

Reading with Daddy
Daddy drew and cut, Raccoon glued. He's still obsessed with monsters!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

We're Back!

Little by little, Raccoon and I will be starting up some Tot School activities again. This morning we worked on the letter C from my mom's preschool alphabet book. It felt good to be active again. The last few weeks Raccoon has spent most of his play time dressing up in his various costumes.

I came across a bag of animal masks that my mom sent us awhile ago.
Raccoon enjoyed trying them all on and running to see himself in our living room mirror.
Knight and ninja are his all-time favorite costumes. He got some new knight armor for Christmas since the cardboard set I made him is wearing out from so much use. If anyone knows where I could get real metal armor made for a child, Raccoon would love it!

Robin's first dress-up with big brother - Spiderman and an elf. This smile for the camera is a huge success for Raccoon since he still often runs the other way.

Robin is three weeks old and doing her own early learning program (How Smart Is Your Baby: Develop and Nurture Your Newborn's Full Potential). Right now this consists of stimulating her different reflexes and a series of passive movements. She still spends more time asleep than awake (miracle of miracles!!!) so we're off to a slow start with her as well, which is just fine.