Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Break

Celosia School is officially on a baby break for an unknown period of time. I'll hopefully still be updating my home blog so come on over and check it if you'd like some news. Baby Robin is due any day now, then we have a country move coming up in June, and possibly starting homeschool pre-k in the fall.

I have done part of the Doman program with my first daughter, SB, and with Raccoon. I may be doing some of the activities with Robin as well, we'll see how it goes. If so, I may switch to posting about that for awhile since I don't anticipate doing many Tot School things with Raccoon in the upcoming months.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The January Plan

I wish I could say that December was full of holiday fun, but the reality is that all three of us were sick for most of it. On top of several different colds, Raccoon also had multiple allergy outbreaks which make him crankier and more sleepless than usual. The most I can say about last month is that we survived and are all still here.

Just this week things are finally feeling manageable again, but now we are only a couple of weeks away from the arrival of baby Robin. Because of this, my plan is to keep Tot School very simple this month. My mom sent me materials for an alphabet book (Aa is for apple, "always be kind"), so I want to work on that with Raccoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the evenings, I would like to start reading to him from a chapter book (I got the idea from Learners in Bloom). I haven't been feeling very well this week, so one of my sister-in-laws is going to start coming over twice a week with her 4 year old son to help me out. I hope to have the two boys do things together whenever I feel up to it.

At random times during the last month, Raccoon would decide that he wanted to cut or draw. One day, he drew the picture on the left. The next day he drew the one on the right. I've mentioned being concerned about his fine motor skills before, mostly due to his lack of interest. I was very surprised to see so much improvement in his control and design from one day to the next. Way to go, Raccoon!