Thursday, April 2, 2015

No reading, no worries

Raccoon is just not ready. He knows the sounds the letters make. He can put sounds together. But it's just not clicking. And that's okay. I had a very heartening talk with my aunt the other day, who also homeschooled her three children. She laughed at my worries and said that I shouldn't be worried until he's 8 or 9. Perhaps an exaggeration, but it made me feel better. It's okay if he's five and not reading. Phew.

Sorry Raccoon, I know I've been pushing you kind of hard the last few weeks. All that happened was frustration for both of us. We're going to go back to our relaxed homeschool and both be happier.

Reading will come. And we have all of next year, first grade, to work on it as well. Once it clicks, I know you'll take off. Monster mommy is going back in the closet, or maybe to the moon. Back to fun school.