Monday, January 4, 2016

Public School

Yup, Raccoon is currently attending public school. He wanted to go and we're living right across the street, so it seemed like an ideal time for him to experience traditional school. They put him in K. He did two weeks before Christmas vacation and enjoyed it. In January, his teacher will focus on reading and I'm hoping for an aha! moment for Raccoon. Because if it doesn't happen in January, then February onward, it's all on me again.

Having Raccoon in school has been a good break for me. Mostly because I'm not worrying about how inadequate his education is or isn't with me, and for once, someone else is responsible for planning his educational day.

But the truth? I've missed my little guy. I don't want someone else getting 7 hours of his day.

More truth? Homeschooling and travelling is very hard. What seems simple, just pull out the books, is often anything but that. So I may just give us permission to do life differently when Celosia School is back in session. Field trips. Letters. Journals. Puppet shows. Bob books. Science kits.

After all, it's just Kindergarten (again). We're not even going to get to Parent Conferences in public school, those happen in March. All in all, if we stick to the plan, Raccoon will have spent 30 in public school over 2 months.