Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly Review - Miscellaneous

Raccoon is 36 months
It has been a light two weeks of Tot School for us since we had visitors for about 10 days and then Raccoon got sick. We mostly played with his favorites (play doh, marbles, dress-up, cooking, etc), but we did do a few new things as well.

We made a pizza restaurant and the customers asked for different size slices. We also did some basic adding (1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2). The pizzas orginally came from here, but I modified them to make them larger.
Sow bug observations - My lesson plan for the upcoming week has a science theme, but I couldn't resist doing this activity as soon as I saw it. This website, Science A-Z, is amazing. I saw it recommended on this blog and checked it out. The sow bug experiment is from the Animal booklet, one of their free samples. Although our South American sow bugs didn't curl up into balls when touched, we still had fun predicting their reactions.

This is an activity we did awhile ago, but I just found the picture. I put Raccoon's alphabet blocks on our printer/scanner and then had him match the blocks to the letters. He really enjoyed this. To make it easier the first time, I only gave him specific blocks for each word, but in the future I plan to have him pick the letters out of a larger set. Raccoon is not generally interested in any type of letter activities yet, but he does like matching, so this worked well for us.

I bought a complete Childcraft how and why library set from the 1950s at a yard sale awhile ago. Unfortunately, most of them got wet and moldy when our ceiling leaked into a closet, so I ended up tearing out the pages that I wanted and throwing the rest away. This is a hat and shoe matching activity that I cut up and glued onto individual index cards.

We added two new costumes to our collection this week - Musketeer and hunter. We stumbled across Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's The Three Musketeers on YouTube, and Raccoon liked it so much that he didn't even mind that the whole movie is in Portuguese. About halfway through, he insisted that I make him a musketeer outfit. I used a glue gun to attach the feather to an old hat of mine, and the top of a soda bottle on a stick for the rapier (Musketeer sword). Thankfully I was able to convince him that a pair of corduroys was better than cardboard pants!


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