Thursday, November 8, 2012

Early Exposure - Reading vs. Math

I overheard a dad saying that he thinks many kindergarteners arrive at school with little to no math exposure, even less than reading in some cases. In his opinion, it is because of this that most schools' math curriculum is very basic until 3rd grade, when differentiation and/or acceleration frequently starts. 

This really made me stop and think because it is true for Raccoon. I am more of a verbal than a mathy person, and this is definitely reflected in the activities that I choose for Tot School. Raccoon is growing up in a language-rich environment. He has just started to bring me things with words on them and ask me, "What does this say, Mama?" So I feel that reading will come naturally for him whenever he's ready. 

What would a math-rich environment look like? We cover the basics - counting, adding, subtraction, shapes, and patterns - but I have often wondered, what do mathy moms do and talk about with their children?

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