Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly Review - Crafts

Raccoon is 37 months
What with one thing and another, I didn't have a plan for Tot School this week, but Raccoon kept coming up with different craft ideas, so we ended up working on some fun projects.

We watched The Magic School Bus Gets Planted and afterwards Raccoon asked me to dress him up like a plant. I taped some cutout leaves on his sweatshirt first and he asked, "Mama, where's my stem?" So I guess he's learning something! This is his fierce face.

Raccoon found a small plastic coin at the park. On the way home, he kept talking about adding it to his pirate coins and painting them all different colors. I offered to draw some paper coins for him to paint, to which he happily agreed.

I was going to cut out the coins first, but after imagining the meltdown as he tried to hold them and paint them at the same time, I took an idea from my mom's preschool class and had him paint them first. Then I cut them out... such a good idea! He carried them around in a plastic bag for the rest of the day. Before bed he decided he wanted to add them to his piggy bank instead of to his pirate treasure.

Another day he decided he wanted to make snowmen, lots and lots of snowmen! I cut out the pieces and he glued them on. He decided some of the snowmen should be like Cyclops with only one eye.

After we were done, he told me what kind of mouth to give each one. I love the middle cyclops with her crooked head. He wanted her to have a mad mouth - she looks like a mom trying to get her little snowman to behave for a family picture. :) 

Most of our activities are done on the go, upside down, jumping around, or otherwise in motion. He wanted to make a train track out of his magnet set, the first time he's ever been interested in anything train-related. We've gone through lots of obsessions, but somehow missed the train one up until now.

My mom sent us these shapes (thank you Mom!). All you do is get them wet and they stick to the window. I imagine that it would work with any type of plastic cutouts. Often Raccoon just likes to stick them randomly on the window, but this time he asked to make clowns. The one he's working on is riding a unicycle.

I found some colored tube noodles at the grocery store and Raccoon enjoyed threading some of them onto some twine with a paperclip "needle."

It was pirate time again this week.... arrrrrrrr!

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