Friday, November 30, 2012

MTR - November 2012

My moments to remember are a mix of Tot School and family times, since Raccoon is still so young that we don't spend very much time "in school."

Again, not the greatest picture, but a good memory. Raccoon enjoyed doing this sticker activity so much that he wanted to continue it later with his dad.

First Raccoon wanted to paint his face like an Indian, then we went to the park for a picnic. We took along his castle tent, thanks Grampa!

This may seem like an ordinary, everyday event, but in our house with Raccoon, it is not. I haven't talked much here about his sensory issues since I cover that more on my home blog (under the label SPD), but any type of washing is very stressful for all of us. This day, though, I heard water running in the kitchen and walked in to find that Raccoon had dragged a chair in, and was washing his hands with soap! all by himself. A huge moment for us.
 Family time at one of our favorite parks. He loves racing down the hills on the bike path. There's a thin rope attached to his steering wheel and Daddy helps pull him up again.

Raccoon asked to cook with me for the first time.

"The Gang" - Raccoon and some of his cousins at a recent family gathering.

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