Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Alphabet

I was looking at a post Carisa did over at her blog 1+1+1=1 on her set of Animal ABCs. Raccoon so far has not been interested in anything to do with the alphabet, but looking at these, I am going to give it a try. I know that a letter a week is a very common preschool model, and it would give some additional predictability to my weekly planning. I anticipate continuing with Tot School through December and January, then taking a break in February when the new baby comes. My mom is sending me material to make an alphabet book as well, so I will probably combine the two.

I'm not sure how quickly we'll find a new routine after the baby, so I'd really like to enjoy these next two months with Raccoon. I may look at sending him to preschool a few mornings a week next year, again, depending on what things are like with the baby, but I feel torn. Hopefully she will be an easy baby and we will be able to continue to do some things still until June, when we'll be travelling to see family (Lord willing).

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