Saturday, March 10, 2012

Well-Rounded or Specialization

There is a little voice in my brain telling me that I may need to remember this for Raccoon later:

"I think formal school puts a lot of emphasis on being “well-rounded” but the “real world” doesn’t necessarily demand that," a comment from Trish on this blog post. Her main idea is to do the essential things the student doesn't like in the context of the things the student does like, as the means to a rewarding end.

Another mom said, "I also find that age matters for us. Younger ages: it seemed more important to me to provide more balance... Now in our 5th year homeschooling, we're specializing more."

For Raccoon right now, the biggest piece of our time pie is physical activity, into which I incorporate other learning whenever I can in a fun and brief way. I have considered the homeschooling option, depending on where he's at in a few years. Right now, anything structured drives us both crazy (classes at Gymboree and getting to church on time are pretty much all we've tried), but it's early yet.

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