Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tricky Tuesday - Anxiety

This challenge is on my mind with our upcoming travel for my grandmother's funeral.

If I tell Raccoon we're going somewhere, I need to be ready to get in the car NOW because he starts to worry. It's almost like he thinks I'm going to forget to take him, which I have never done, I swear. Okay, well maybe I have gone off to the corner store once or twice without saying goodbye, but he's usually happily playing with his dad. The longer it takes us to be ready, the more he freaks out. But as soon as he's strapped in his car seat and we're on our way, everything is okay. All of a sudden, he's magically happy and we're completely frazzled. I do have to admit that my father was the same way any time we were going on a trip, but my husband and I are not. I think it's funny that my son is the same even though he's rarely around his grandfather. Inherited travel anxiety?

He also has severe separation anxiety, even if I go into another room at home. After a minute I'll hear his little voice calling me, "Mama, MAma, MAMA?" If he doesn't hear my answering call, he'll either come looking, start to cry, or both. It's hard because I don't get any time to myself unless he's asleep. He's not the kind of child to cry a little when I leave, then get over it. He escalates and cannot be calmed down, trust me on this.

I would classify these challenges as ongoing.

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