Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tricky Tuesday - Perfectionism

My son is a toddler, but I suspect he was born a perfectionist. I have trouble finding the right level of challenge for him. If it's too easy, he's not interested, but if it's too hard (or sometimes what I think is just right) he gets easily frustrated and gives up. If I offer something challenging and he cannot do it right the first time, he has a big meltdown. I try to model messing up and trying again, but sometimes I forget and do it right the first time. He refuses to listen to more than one or two directions; perhaps that is a developmental milestone he hasn't reached yet. He can do things with multiple steps, but he seems to learn best just by watching, then he likes to do it on his own without any help from me. It feels heartless, but if he's freaking out about not being able to do something, it's better if I leave the room. Later when he's calm again, I explain to him that it's okay to ask for help, and that everyone has to practice different things.

Lately, he's told me, "Keep trying, Mama, you can do it!" which makes my heart glow. He also said the other day, "I in trouble Mama, I need help."  

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