Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Handy List for Parents

Some ideas I liked from a parenting book by James Alvino (I have had these notes lying around since December. I found them yesterday when I was looking through my journals for anecdotes about Raccoon.)

The Social & Emotional Needs of Children
1) to be loved (note from me: I like the Five Love Languages of Children for more on this topic)
2) to be accepted
3) to fit in
4) to feel worthwhile
5) to have a purpose
6) to have an identity of their own

This list spoke to me a lot. I'm still thinking about what this looks like for Raccoon.

Be careful not to squelch creativity trying to get their thinking or playing to conform to conventions.

Responsibility shows respect. Match the child with age/developmentally appropriate chores that contribute to the household.

Don't expect your son or daughter to do his or her best all the time. (I mess up here a lot. One good day and I begin to expect more.)

Use descriptive praise.

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