Thursday, March 22, 2012

Museum of the Month

Raccoon and I are in Maine right now, and we enjoyed a visit to the Children's Museum in Bangor today. The highlight was the second floor: a tractor trailer truck with loud buttons to push, a mini-restaurant and kitchen, a ship with a cargo conveyor belt, a hammock, a mini-farm, a sailboat, and much more. Raccoon did well, although it was definitely too much to handle all at once. I had to drag him kicking and screaming out of the waterway exhibit when it was time to go. Poor little man. But we may go back just to visit his favorite exhibits. It was more like a giant play place than a museum, although there was some sneaky learning going on.

And I almost forgot! We had an unexpected overnight in Washington, D.C. courtesy of American Airlines, so we also got to visit the National Aquarium (highlight: an albino crocodile and some baby sharks). We walked through about 10 blocks of downtown and saw the White House from afar, so all in all, this has been quite the month for museums, despite all of the travelling.

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