Saturday, August 23, 2014

Save the Frogs Poetry Contest

Raccoon has been obsessed with frogs lately. He is preparing plastic containers as "habitats," and every day he asks when it will be rainy season. We have been learning about raising tadpoles, just in case we happen to find any. When I saw the Save the Frogs contest, I knew it was a good match between interest and opportunity. We were talking about frogs while he prepared his latest habitat, and I asked him for some froggy words. Then the subject turned to what frog's might dream about, and this is his first poem, which we submitted to the contest:

Frog Dreams

being big
soft grass
squishy sleeping

(Because he's a four year old boy, he actually said the last line as "sleeping in poo," so I suggested possible alternatives and we settled on the last one.)

The deadline is October 17, 2014.


  1. I detest frogs but this is great! I hope he wins something =)

    1. Yes, my son is taking me through my aversions one by one - snakes, spiders, now frogs. :)