Sunday, August 31, 2014

Routines and Rhythms

Celosia School - Year E (Kindergarten)

Neither Raccoon nor I are morning people. Kitty and my husband, the King, wake up with a smile and chatter, Raccoon and I do not.

6 to 8 am    Somewhere in here all four of us eventually wake up. Kitty likes to go outside first thing and Raccoon watches some Netflix until he's civil.

8 to 9 am    Valiant attempts at breakfast which neither one of my children eat well.

9 to 11 am   School happens at some point between these hours. I break Raccoon's day into two blocks. During one we read his history lesson (currently from a children's almanac published in 1942) and do pages in his two workbooks. Then in the second block we do hands-on activities from our science kits or outdoors. Some days both blocks happen during this time, other days we split things into am/pm and occasionally evening work as well. Kitty joins us, plays by herself, or is off with Daddy, depending on the day.

11 am    Lunch (Since neither one does much for breakfast, we do an early lunch which they generally eat well)

noon to 1 pm   Free play (I eat lunch)

1 to 3 pm   Naptime for Kitty, iPad time for Raccoon, and free time for me if my husband is home. If not, Raccoon and I do something together.

Our afternoons vary a lot. Sometimes we take a walk, go into town, visit the neighbors, do messy stuff, etc. It depends on how much and what we accomplished in the morning. There is a snack somewhere in here as well. We are mostly outside and do educational stuff mixed in with everything else.

6 to 7 pm    Supper

7 to 8 pm    Family play, often with the King

8 pm    Bedtime for Kitty, free time for me and the King, movie time for Raccoon

9 pm    Bedtime for Raccoon

10 pm   Bedtime for me (although several times a week I stay up until midnight, just enjoying the quiet, I am an introvert)

Looking at this, part of me thinks "I should be doing more!" but another part of me says "Free and happy, good enough!" so this is probably how things will stay for the next few months at least. Our core subjects are language, science, math, and history with art, music, social studies, etc roaming through.

In order to fulfill 180 days of school, our target for when we actually have to report that we are homeschooling, Raccoon needs to do 5 days of school per week for most of the fall/winter. So my plan is that MWF we will do our core subjects, T will be coop day (he's going to attend our local school in Spanish while my husband is there teaching English), and Th will be special project or book day. In the spring we will switch to a four day week, which I'm sure will be a welcome break as the rainy season lets up and we start to spend more time outside again. With our year-round schedule, this puts us done in May with June completely off and a soft start in July for first grade (if he's reading, if not I might just call Year D Kindergarten again and keep matching each subject to his interest and ability level).

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