Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our School Corner

Our "schoolroom" is mostly just to store supplies and books. My mom helped me organize this space during her visit in June and I will be forever thankful. We recently rearranged the shelves slightly to make our house more earthquake ready. The center one is tied to the bars on our windows (we don't live in the U.S.), and the other two will fall on the center one. This isn't really important to the functional setup of our schoolroom, but it's been on my mind.

Anyway, the basic setup is my books and the kids' videos on the left, learning materials and games in the center, with curriculum, art supplies, science stuff, etc on the right. The washing machine and dryer are just out of sight on the right.

This is our living space. Our house is small, so there is one large room then two bedrooms behind where I stood to take the picture. That's it, but it's all ours so I love it. You can see our schoolroom in the center corner, but Raccoon and I sit at the bar to the left to do science and writing activities. The rest of school we do all over. So our schoolroom is more of a corner storage area, but having everything at my fingertips has been an amazing time-saver.

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