Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekly Review - The Earth & RRSP

Raccoon is 34 months

Check out my activity chart for links to the sources since I don't re-link everything in my weekly review. Another fun week of Tot School!

Earth cards - we made up a game using these cards, a lego monster, and Raccoon's velociraptor family. The dinosaurs attacked the monster, and he used different earth cards to defend himself. But those velociraptors were clever and found ways around the weather/earth elements (using an umbrella against the rain, putting out the fire with water, etc). I don't have any pictures because my camera's battery ran out, but these are the cards. I plan to use them in our daily calendar station as well for the weather and time of day perhaps.

Floating Ketchup - I couldn't get the packet to sink so I don't have any pictures of this one. Perhaps my bottle wasn't big enough (I used a small water bottle) so I couldn't squeeze hard enough, and my packets (soy actually) had a large amount of air. We just talked about how it floated instead.

A Gift for Bear - We played museum again, and I laid out the pictures in order, then he had to match the words to the pictures. I read him the sentences and he decided which picture they described.

Our naughty monster stole the pictures and he had to match them to the words. He did really well, but then lost interest when we were going to glue the words on and make it into a book. He came back to color it later though, so we could read it to his velociraptor family for storytime. If I did it again, I would do more "Which comes first, unwrapping the bear or sleeping with it?" type thing.

Roll the Dice & Graph - These were my trolls that I played with when I was nine or so. Raccoon loves having "families" and setting little things up so I recently got them out of storage. We played a game with them, each one trying to guess what they were going to roll. I made an X on the graph with each roll and showed Raccoon how many of each we had. It took seven rolls before someone "won" by guessing what would come up. We also practiced turn-taking, some of the little ones were quite impatient!

Raising Rock Stars Preschool - my printer ink ran out, so I wasn't able to start this week. I hope to introduce it next week, pending new ink. Instead we made a creation notebook at a friend's house and talked about the things God made.

Some Unplanned Extras

Shaving Cream Planets - I was saving this for next week, but I decided to use it this week to add in some more sensory fun. I didn't do them to scale as in the original post; we only did the sun, earth, and moon. I used shaving gel, so it wasn't as poofy as shaving cream, but it worked just fine.

The gel started out blue, so I didn't add in more blue food coloring, but I should have because it turned out not to be blue enough. We ended up with only yellow, green, and red, making the sun and earth look the same (the moon is the small one). I also should have put more gel on the tray, but I didn't want to use up all of my husband's shaving supplies. Raccoon especially liked mixing the shaving gel with the food coloring.

A Pool Noodle Marble Run - I saw this on the blog Motherhood and Other Adventures a while ago (she has tons of great sensory activities), and Raccoon really enjoys it. Balls of all shapes and sizes were the first toys he fell in love with as a baby,

Mancala Math - Raccoon tires easily of his toys, so the other day I brought out some board games (Scrabble, Othello, etc). His favorite is Mancala, with its wooden board and squished marbles. It's a great game for math, too. We do patterns, addition, subtraction, counting by 2s, and we give them out to his "friends" as money to buy things from Raccoon's homemade store. Sometimes his friends even use the money to go to an imaginary amusement park.

For more fun, check out the day we did some Playing with Ice too.

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