Sunday, August 5, 2012

Community and Nature Week

Phonics Cards
Riddle Matching
Worker Memory Game
Music Activity
World Map
Ocean Booklet
Ocean Diorama
Map Activity
Frog Numbers
Make a Tree*** 
Make a Flower***
Pizza Fractions
½  ¼
Guess Who?
Plastic Animal Tracks in Playdoh
Toothpick Art in bananas
# Books Read

stranger danger role play (w/Bernstein Bears book), threading “fish” blocks, cornstarch sidewalk paint

Just a few notes on how I use this chart:
*I try to print/prepare all of my material over the weekend so that I'm ready to go on Monday. I keep all of the things I need in one folder.
*When Raccoon is in a good mood or I'm looking for something new to play, I pull out whichever activity I think will work at the moment. So some days we do one thing, other days five, it just depends.
*Our big "learning" times are Tuesdays and Thursdays for now, as they are our completely stay-at-home days.
*We do a lot of things in the afternoons because by then we've played all his favorite things and he's often ready for something new.
*This list is probably too brief to be helpful. Right now it's more for my record-keeping, but in the future I will try to put up more links or pictures.

***I downloaded these two printables from the Teacher Express part of Scholastic's website under their "Free Resources" section on the left-hand side.

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