Friday, May 23, 2014

Homeschooling it is

I called a semi-local school with an English curriculum but their K is full, so homeschooling it is. I feel terrified.

Top fears that make my heart pound:
1) Will Raccoon learn to read?
2) Will I have enough time to prepare?
3) How is Kitty going to fit in to the picture? How will I be able to do Tot school with her, or at least keep her from eating the crayons?
4) What am I going to do when the comparison monster shows up (ah he's falling behind -panic!)
5) Will I be able to find a mother's helper, and if I don't will my house (or I) fall apart. (I know this one sounds spoiled and whiney, but my life is intense trying to keep up with all my plate spinning responsibilities).

Aside from these sweat-inducing topics, there is part of me that is also really, really excited. My mom is bringing me down 50 lbs of books. I should be able to be successful with that, right?

And if not, school registration starts in December... :)

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