Friday, June 27, 2014

Boosting Structure

As a teen, I think I pretty much spent my summers reading. I read this post on the summer doldrums and her last sentence in tiny writing caught my eye, "Help yourself and autistic loved ones by boosting structure (schedules) and encouraging the pursuit of special interests."

No one in my family is on the spectrum as far as I know, but there is some overlap with our sensory issues and I find her blog comforting and familiar somehow.

All this is to say that more structure is looming on our horizon! My mom's visit has given us a fully organized and very functional school room in what used to be our laundry/storage corner. Thank you, Mom!

Celosia School will begin with a soft start this week and continue on until our "official" start in September. Year E here we come!

On the docket for this week is an electric circuit board my mom brought down, a USA puzzle with Grampa, and some building projects with Dad. And maybe more chocolate chip cookies.

Raccoon wants a lab. This is percolating in my brain right now. How to keep things safe yet still interesting... :)

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