Thursday, May 16, 2013

More with Less

"This was a Montessori lesson for me! Children thrive with less choice and they will be creative and engage themselves with less!" - Wildflower Ramblings

About a month before we moved, I started sorting Raccoon's toys. At first I just weeded out the ones I knew he wouldn't miss. Next, I took out the ones he only played with occasionally. Finally I packed up, sold, or gave away all of his toys except for his costumes, weapons, and his plastic animals. I was amazed that he didn't miss nor ask for any of his other toys. There was one day towards the end when he did want something, but when I told him it was packed, that was that (very unusual for my tenacious son!). I told my husband that we should have gotten rid of the extra toys much sooner. Our house was cleaner and Raccoon's creative play was just as vivid as ever. I never would have imagined that the above statement was true unless I had seen it for myself.

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