Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Day of Preschool

This may seem like an odd post now that I am more convinced than ever that we will homeschool Raccoon for kindergarten. But my husband and I have officially decided to return to the country from whence we came, so we have a year to live it up in the U.S., Lord willing.

I've mentioned before that my mom teaches preschool and she's awesome. I saw the curriculum she has planned for this year, and folks, it's amazing. I want the best learning experiences possible for Raccoon, and I believe that this one is it for now. And as the Celosia Manifesto says (coming soon!!), "If it's not working, stop." Which is exactly what we'll do if it doesn't turn out to be a good thing after all.

But I'm pretty sure that he'll love it. And it's in the afternoon. As anyone who reads here knows, that is one of my selfish reasons to homeschool, no early mornings for this family. Sorry dear hubby (our one morning person).

Anyway, the point of this post is to share that today Raccoon, Robin, and I will be spending the afternoon at his school. With his high anxiety, the more we can talk about things ahead of time and prepare, the better off we are (most of the time). Having a visual for the both of us is best, so off we go today into the world of preschool. Stay tuned.

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