Friday, April 5, 2013

A Little of This and That

What have we been up to lately for Tot School?
Not much, but here are a few of the things that Raccoon has done on his own lately.

This was one of the first times that he's asked
me to take a picture of something he's made.

 We're still slowly working our way through my mom's alphabet book, making two pages for each letter. We love the dot paints that my mom brought down for Raccoon in February.

"Dd is for Door Knock Knock Who's there?
Dd is for Did. Noah did all that God commanded him. Genesis 6:22"

"Ee is for Envelope, inside is a note.
Ee is for Everywhere
Jacob ran, but God was there."
This was supposed to be our "Ff" page, but Raccoon enjoyed making dot patterns so much that we made it into a separate work of art instead.
"Ff is for Fish
Swimming in the sea.
Ff is for Friends. Friends stick together. Prov 18:24"
One night Raccoon wanted me to cut out numbers for him to glue on a page. I just did it freestyle which is why they are all different sizes. Then we played "Where is the..."

Another night (hmmm, I'm detecting a pattern here), he gathered a bunch of different materials. Then he insisted that he wanted to take a picture of Daddy. He was so excited that he dropped the camera and broke it. After a lot of tears, we found a picture already on the computer and printed it off. I had no idea what Raccoon wanted to make, so I just followed his instructions, helping him cut and glue.

He wanted a framed picture of his beloved Daddy up on the wall with our other important pictures.

Raccoon has also been "reading" to Robin (2 months old), which she seems to enjoy. She smiles whenever Raccoon is near.

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