Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Review - Getting Organized

Raccoon is 34 months

Our board is ready!

We don't really have a school space, so we take over the living/dining room once my husband leaves for work. I plan to hang it up just at "board time" then store it beside our dining room table when it's not in use. The content shown here matches what I have planned for next week.

I didn't have a plan for this week, so we just did random things like:

play doh
land and sea plates with animals from our creation book
 and lots of dress-up/pretend!

One of Raccoon's favorite new things is to play store. He sets out a particular type of toy (balls, plastic animals, tools, etc) and then chooses some buyers and sellers from his stuffed "amigo" collection. The funny thing is that no one can actually buy anything, he always tells the buyers, "That's too expensive," or "You can't have that, you're not a little boy."

As always, check out the latest Tot School post for more ideas!


  1. We're doing space next week, too! I love the knight costume!

    1. My son likes this costume a lot, but also wants to know when he can have "real" armor. :)