Saturday, January 21, 2012

Museum of the Month

Today we went to a dinosaur museum in one of our local parks (thanks to dear hubby who saw an ad on TV). It had some life-sized statues, along with some mechanical dinosaurs that roared, sprayed water, and lunged. It was pretty intense for a two year old, but Raccoon loved it. There were around 10 exhibits in all, the last one a huge, moving Spinosaurus. It was a little confusing because they also had some Ice Age animals mixed in (saber-tooth cat and mammoth), but who knows, maybe they did all live together. The highlight for Raccoon was getting sprayed by the huge mammoth as it reared back on its hind legs.

Afterwards, Raccoon jumped on a trampoline while attached to big rubber bands and a harness (we call it bungee jumping, not sure what the official name is), then did a pony ride, then climbed inside an old airplane turned into a children's play area.

It was such a fun day. This evening, my husband remarked how calmly and quietly Raccoon was playing, almost by himself. I think we finally reached Raccoon's preferred level of stimulation, but both of us are exhausted!

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