Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I know there is a lot of controversy around early learning. Most of the negativity seems to originate from the perspective that the parent is forcing the child to learn by withholding something necessary (love, affection, food) or the "drill and kill" idea. I found the term hothousing on a parent forum, where some of the parents shared that they felt like their insatiable, intense child was hothousing them!

I was reading a blog about a mom who did a full Glen Doman home program from birth (I think), only to find out when he was 9.5 months that her son (born premature) had a brain-injury. She wrote, "The good news is that T was a lot worse and the program we've been doing so far has brought him from severe to mild brain injury. Usually, when a child's behind in this category, he's also behind in this category. It wasn't that way for us, and she said the only way that happens is if parents have already been working on healing it." Good for them!

Personally, I think so much depends on the child's interests and the parent's motivation. Someone observing my house might wonder why I support early learning. For Raccoon and me, it's all about enjoyment and fun. My son is not nearly compliant enough to be forced!

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