Monday, August 26, 2013

Book Project, Part II is Part I

My mom is a wealth of office supplies, so she gave me a 3 ring binder and a box of the old computer paper. Remember the kind with holes on the edges that fed through the printer in a one continuous piece? Ah, the memories.

Raccoon had fun helping me tear off the edges, separate the pages, then hole punch them. Voila! His first book was ready for inspiration.

Raccoon decided he wanted to do the illustrations first with crayons. 
He likes to just go for it, then decide later what it is. 
After about ten pages, he was done for the day. 

Another day, I added some new pages and decided to try a different approach. With just one marker, he drew the picture as I sat beside him and I wrote the story he told me underneath. I prompted him a few times by asking, "Then what happened?" and I got him started with "Once upon a time..." So here it is:

Once upon a time, there was a ghost named Alfie.

Alfie wore glasses. His father was watching him. 


There was a sign that said no enter. A man told Alfie he was going to hit him with his big knife.

 So Alfie cut the man's blade off with his knife. Alfie's father was mad. 

(I drew the right page at Raccoon's request, it's the only one 
where he wanted help. I also changed his to the man's for clarity.)

"I'm glad you're safe, but don't do that ever again," he said. 

(It seemed odd to me that Raccoon thought the dad was mad 
so I mentioned the safe part and he incorporated it into the story. 
The "...don't do it again" part is pure Raccoon.) 


 The man set a trap for Alfie. Traps are everywhere! 
A red line told him do not enter that yard. Bad men will take your food and eat it all.

(Raccoon said red but I wrote purple since that's the color the marker was, 
but I thought better of it and changed it back to red to stay true to his story.)

He crossed the line and a shark ate his food. Alfie decided to go home and eat his lunch.

(When I reread the story to Raccoon later, he told me it should be the bad men
who ate the lunch not the shark, implying that the story made more sense that 
way. His first edit, such fun. I still have to go back and change the original.)

Sharing his story with Robin.

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