Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Museum of the Month

October's museum: reptiles, mostly snakes.
      Highlight: we got to touch a boa constrictor.
November's museum: insects, with a special focus on beetles.
      Highlight: we got our picture taken with 3 Hercules beetles clinging to our clothing.

Today Raccoon and I went to visit a water museum. On our way out the door, he saw a friend of his playing in the park, so I asked him, "Park or museum?"
He yelled "Museum!" and ran to get in his car seat. My husband was impressed.

Our favorite exhibit was an upright peg board. When pushed on one side, the indented pegs stuck out on the other side. We did the typical handprints, then a staff person passing through suggested we try our faces. I tried it first and sure enough, there was a mask-like image of my face sticking out on the other side of the board. Surprisingly, Raccoon also wanted to try it. It was odd to see our faces in plastic pegs, almost like a robot clone. I'm not sure what the peg board had to do with water (something to illustrate cohesion I think?), but we enjoyed it.

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