Saturday, March 8, 2014

Building a Schoolroom, and other things

It's not for sure yet - we'll make the final decision on Monday - but it looks like we're going to build a second floor on our little house on our land (currently nameless). We hope to have two guest rooms, an office for the King, and a schoolroom. I am so excited. I told Raccoon today that he wasn't going to go to school, but that he would do school at home with me. "I want to start right now!" he said. Me too.

I finally got our books out of storage, and as I put them on the shelves I thought of all the possibilities for projects and units. Being surrounded by books helps me feel much more confident in my ability to homeschool. My husband is better at sneaking in learning though, having a puppet ask Raccoon to count to ten. He's been able to count for awhile, but skips 3. I finally heard him count correctly, something he never would have done if I'd just asked him to count. He hates to perform, especially if he feels like there's expectations or the possibility of failure. We'll definitely have to work on his perfectionism. It's an ongoing theme in our household for sure.

If we do build, it should be finished mid-June, just when a friend is leaving. I bought all of her shelves and a small table. I can't wait to set up a space just for us. In the meantime, we've just been doing a lot of hands-on things like play-doh, nailing boards together, painting, and playing outside.

I've been focusing on character traits like perseverance, kindness (to his sister and our cats), hospitality (having friends over and what we do and say with guests), and respect.

Our internet is very slow, which makes it hard to post pictures, but I got two to upload.

Our current home, 80 square meters. I hope there will be a second 
floor up there in a few months! I long for a space of our own.

My first time with two at the table. Raccoon is tracing his hand and Kitty is eating the crayons. 
That's pretty much how school is going for now.

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