Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Museum of the Month

I decided to add a monthly field trip to our lives to spice things up a bit now that we spend most of our time at home. October's field trip was to a local reptile museum. At the end, we got to hold a boa constrictor and have our picture taken. Raccoon loved touching the snake.

Today he and I took a mini-field trip to the cementery up the hill from our house. It sounds odd, but today is All Saint's Day, or as we call it locally, "Day of the Dead," so most of the city goes out to visit their deceased relatives. The cementeries have a festive air, with flowers and new paint everywhere. Raccon enjoyed looking at some statues (Jesus as a shepherd holding a baby sheep and a man on his knees praying). We have done some bits on famous statues so I wanted him to see some statues in real life. It was nice to spend all morning outside for a change, and he is now peacefully napping.

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